Autism FYI Organization was created to help advance awareness of the needs surrounding Adults with Autism. The ability of emergency responders to recognize their need for special approaches and considerations is hampered by the lack of physical indicators of Autism. Autism FYI Organization has created the first National Autism Registry designed to help these emergency responders to make that recognition more quickly through the use of easily recognizable logos. ID tags with pertinent info on USB, GPS and RF trackers, clothing and patches with the logo will help bring that same benefit of quick recognition to those in the community.

Promoting education of the autism spectrum population in how to respond to emergency personnel through the media, television, internet, books, and phone applications will be utilized to help bring this awareness to the public. As long as there is a stigmata of shame or embarrassment in being autistic, getting those on the spectrum to wear identifiable items will be difficult. Without this, this risk of misinterpretation and misunderstanding as well as delay in appropriate treatment and actual mistreatment increases. This can be devastating.

Autism FYI Organization will employ those on the spectrum. Creating employment opportunities for adults on the autism spectrum helps to model how businesses can include those on the spectrum in their business operations. 85% of those adults on the autism spectrum have never held a job. This puts an added burden on parents, the state funds, and federal funds, as well as not allowing these adults to experience the growth that comes with the responsibility of having a job. Ultimately our goal will be the creation of Puzzle Piece Village. This interdependent supportive community will allow adults with autism to live independent from their aging parents, yet together in the same community. Helping, teaching, mentoring, learning and enjoying others with similar needs and concerns, promotes acceptance and a sense of community.

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Our Inspiration –  our Mom

JoyceBenjaminJoyce S. Benjamin, PA, RN
Co-Founder, Member of Board of Directors,
Chief Operating Officer – Autism FYI Org.

I am honored to be the mother of Kenny and Brad Benjamin who are young men on the autism spectrum. Though it has not always been easy, it is the one job that I can say has made me a better person. They have taught me what unconditional love is, and that teaching our children to love themselves enough to do the right thing, even when it’s difficult or unpopular, is the most valuable lesson of all. I think you will find what is important in life may be different than you think. The value of a person may be in the changes that they bring about in you.

Who are we?
Dr. James R. Benjamin , CEO ; Joyce S. Benjamin PA, RN, COO ; Lamont Easter, Director of Public Relations; Michael Hernandez CBDO; Dr. Teresa Trabue, PsyD Director; Wendy Allen, RDH, Director; Marie White, Director of Events; Natasha Seaforth, Executive Administrator

Social Responsibility

At Autism FYI, we are locally and globally committed. We are driven by an empowering spirit that delivers leadership in innovative solutions, a corporate culture focused on our constituents and staff, and a passion for giving back to those in the communities in which we serve. We are proud to invest our resources in improving health, increasing opportunity and expanding opportunities for those most in need.

We are currently partnering with various charitable organizations to give back to the local communities where we operate.

The Benjamin Brothers
Autism FYI is inspired by The Benjamin Brothers – Heroes of Global Autism Awareness

Our vision is to establish a neighborhood that allows the thriving interaction of the triumvirate (autistic adult, parent of the autistic adult, and the community in which they all reside) through :

  • Establishment of a National Autism Registry
  • Physical and social supportive services
  • Revenue generating businesses which simultaneously provide employment opportunities
  • Housing supportive of independence
  • Day-to-day intermingling of all

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster community support and inclusion for those on the Autism Spectrum through a registry that provides a means of early identification, location and access to important information in case of emergency.

Donations, grants, and revenue generated by the registry, products, and training program keeps our program alive. As the need increases, so will the demand. As we add partners in our mission, we will disclose them through our membership with GuideStar.

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Autism FYI Organization is also a member of the Maryland Non-profit Association.



Our staff are our most important asset. We are dedicated to creating and maintaining a supportive, satisfying and employee-centric work environment. We adjust work environments and hours to fit the employee’s needs.

We believe innovation comes from all participants within the organization. Our Innovative solutions bring together talented, focused and dedicated individuals who foster a work environment that encourages sharing ideas and lessons learned. By leveraging one another’s talents, our collaborative approach enables us to achieve innovative solutions for our constituents. All staff are ambassadors of Autism FYI’s culture and mission.

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Autism FYI provides equal employment opportunities (EEO).  This policy applies to all terms and conditions of employment, including recruiting, hiring, placement, promotion, termination, layoff, recall, transfer, leaves of absence, compensation and training.

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