Joyce Benjamin and Michelle Reedy flew to Henderson, Nevada to share their insights on safety and Autism. The IRIS (Immediate Recognition Increases Safety) Program was received very well by the many parents and teachers, Physicians,Occupational Therapists that attended. The ABA Therapists and assistants made a strong showing as well. Autism self advocates and siblings shared their stories and tips for other parents.



Do you know someone who has a Neurologic or Brain Disorder that can benefit by self disclosure in the event of a automobile accident? AFYI has added a new alert logo that can notify First Responders that the person using this Seat Belt Notifier Cover has had a Seizure disorder, Brain injury, Alzheimers, Dementia, ALS, Cerebral Palsy, Ataxia or Cognitive Disorders to name a few. This can indicate the previous existence or deficits in speech, movement, cognitive or hearing deficits. By joining IRIS, these members can be helped in an emergency as well. Other products with this alert symbol are available as well. See the AFYI Store to get a notifier.

What a wet celebration! Rain put a real damper on the National Night Out in Hyattsville and Laurel. Bowie was able to celebrate for an hour or so but was also rained out ultimately. But AFYI was there to support the community and Police as they build bridges for safety. Thank you to all Police who were out helping the community.

What can we do to teach Police, Lawyers, Judges, First Responders, and Teachers about Autism? Arresting a 10 year old with Autism without telling the Mother, without telling the officers that he is Autistic, should be against the human rights of the 10 year old since he is not capable of understanding what he did would warrant this level of punishment, and his only advocate…his mother, wasn’t informed to explain it to him. AFYI is trying to help change this.