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We address the growing needs of adults on the Autism Spectrum


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Autism FYI Organization is a 501(c)3 Non-profit that has been certified for complete tax exemption. What that means for you the contributor, is that your donation is 100% deductible. With your contribution, you can help us employ those adults on the Autism Spectrum. You also help us work to increase safety in the communities they live in through early recognition products, education and awareness of both the Emergency Responders and those members of the Registry. Ultimately our goal, with your help, is to build a supportive community for adults on Spectrum living independently, among neighbors like themselves and their aging parents. A community where they can work, play and thrive among people who understand, accept, and love them. If you can afford to help us, please follow the link to donate. Tell your friends and family, and join us while we help make the future a safer,better and friendlier place for the growing number of individuals on the Autism Spectrum.



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Contribute without spending extra! Please help us reach our initial $50,000 goal to fund 1000 new registrants, while employing adults on the Autism Spectrum. This will help with the functioning of the National Registry as well as providing them jobs and training. Accommodations for the various behavioral challenges and learning styles will be utilized to help them achieve success at work and in life.


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