Natasha Seaforth AFYI Administrator and Dr. Benjamin man the booth at NSA Winter Conference at the JW Marriott in Washington, DC. It was very well attended and AFYI met many organizations and Sheriffs from other states, anxious to partner and work with us to help educated their deputies and community about Autism. 


Dr. James Benjamin and NSA Executive Director Jonathan Thompson reconnect after a year since our last meeting. NSA continues to support AFYI in our endeavor to bring awareness to the Law enforcement community about Autism and the challenges it can present. 


Dr. Benjamin and Fred G. Wilson,MA  NSA Director of Outreach and Law Enforcement Relations share AFYI’s accomplishments and plans for the upcoming year. 

Autism FYI’s Inaugural “Autumn Auction for Autism FYI” was a successful enjoyable event. From the Mistress of Ceremonies Stephanie Gaines-Bryant, to the pianist Dillon, all of the speakers and entertainment was thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening. When we left, we all had a little better understanding and appreciation for the many talents and challenges met by those on the Autism Spectrum. Here are some of the highlights of the evening. We want to thank all of the volunteers who made this night flow so easily. 

Back to school night was quite successful for the students and parents of Seat Pleasant Elementary. Vendors including Autism FYI Org. were there to greet them with information. This school is a great level 5 school accommodating those with special needs in a great way. We hope to see them at the Autism Conference in April 2017.

Landover Hills Chief of Police Henry Norris hosted the community’s Night Out event at the Station and Community Center. There was a pretty good turn out from the community. There was also the Bomb Squad and Vehicle, Motorcycle Squad,  Canine Police, and the local police to share fun, demonstrations, food and information with the community. AFYI was there to offer information to the community about the registry and how it can help .

Autism FYI Org was able to share the work we are doing and the benefits of the Registry with the Chiefs of Police from all the municipalities in Prince Georges County. Approximately 50 were in attendance. Our reception was warm and  there are plans for working together with training and support decals for officers. We appreciate the  work these Chiefs do and the many concerns they have to deal with to keep their organizations running smoothly and their communities safe. We look forward to working with all of them.

AFYI Michigan’s first Fundraiser Event

October 1, 2016

Fun and familiarity for those in the community who came out for Michigan’s first fundraiser Putt Putt Golf and Raffle. First Responders from the Local Fire Department and Police Department came out to participate and support the Autism FYI Org. The weather was drizzly but those that came learned about how those with Autism interact with others. Thank you to everyone. More pictures to come.

Welcome Michigan

We want to welcome our new addition and first Chapter to Autism FYI Org. Meet Renee Nitz and her family. Mother to Connor 18 yrs old and Megan 16 yrs old, both on the Autism Spectrum. Renee has already completed her first training for Fire and EMS on Autism and has scheduled her second one. Michigan’s first fundraiser is scheduled for October 1, 2016. We would like to welcome her and thank her for all her hard work and advocacy for those on the Autism Spectrum to keep them safe.