Autism FYI in the News!

After presenting Police Chief Hank Stawinski of Prince George’s County Police Department with 900 decals,  Jay Korff came to see how Autism FYI Org functions and why it is important. We appreciate his interest and talent bringing our mission to the public so succinctly. Click on the link above to watch the video and read the article.

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Prince Georges County Police Chief Stawinski met with Autism FYI to talk about the National Registry and to accept 900 of the 1800 decals they need to help officers in responding to a situation or emergency that involves someone on the Autism Spectrum. PGCPD is happy to have the Registry with emblem to assist them in keeping everyone safe. Channel 7 and 8 News reporter Jay Korff was there to capture the moment and bring its important message to viewers in our area. The story will air 3/2/2016 at 10pm on Channel 8 and 11pm on Channel 7.

Captain Salvas accepted 301 decals for their Sheriff’s Department on Thursday February 25th,2016. They also received our Power Point Training module to help educated the deputies about Autism. We appreciate the time and attention to the Autism Community.


The Honourable Theodore Sophocleus met The Benjamins and Michelle Reedy to discuss the organization’s plans with the Registry, workforce and village. He was so attentive and helpful. He has asked that we present to the House of Delegates March 25th to inform all Delegates about our organization. We are thrilled with his support and help and look forward to working with him. Anne Arundel County is well represented.

We would like to thank Delegate Edith Patterson from Charles County for taking the time to meet with us and offer so much support. We look forward to working closely with her to bring Autism and safety into the forefront for legislation. Community safety for all members of our society requires special considerations for some of our populations. Without training, law enforcement cannot be prepared to handle the many challenges. We want law enforcement and emergency responders to know we are here to help them do their job by providing a means of early recognition of the persons on the Autism Spectrum so they can understand HESITATE IS Appropriate for this population.

Geraldine Valentino-Smith, Delegate from the 23rd District of Maryland, made time in her tight schedule today to meet with The Benjamin’s to discuss Autism FYI Org. and their Mission to create a Safe environment for those on the Autism Spectrum. Discussion was brief but plans were made to meet again at a later time so that she can help guide us in ways that will help us to accomplish our goals. We were very appreciative of the time and attention she gave us at such late notice.

Lt. Daniel B. Lasher, the Director of Operations at the Allegany County Detention Center, and President of the Maryland Correctional Administrators Association (MCAA) invited Autism FYI Org to present to the meeting at the Howard County public Safety Training center. 

The Benjamin’s were able to present Autism FYI Org’s Registry and proposed training plans for Sheriffs and Police officers, EMS, and Correctional Officers, as well as those on the Autism Spectrum. They also acknowledged the roll volunteers play in our Organization and welcomed someone from their Association to assist in that training development. MCAA was welcoming, attentive, and engaging with questions and suggestions. We appreciate the jobs they do and their openness to learning to work with those on the Autism Spectrum.