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We address the growing needs of adults on the Autism Spectrum

IRIS Hotline 1-855-487-0777

Workforce Development Program

  • Approximately 85% of adults with Autism have not held a job by the time they are 26 years old.
  • We train adults on the Autism Spectrum in computer programming technology, engraving, shipping & handling.
  • Provide jobs within our program as well as other companies interested in their job skills
  • Teaching strategies for visual as well as hands on learning, with built in rewards, makes this program easy and successful.
  • Short work shifts with distraction limiting devices and supports, aids the workers in their successful mastering of skills.

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Autism FYI Organization | 7507 Old Chapel Drive Bowie, Maryland 20715

IRIS Hotline #: 1 – 855-487-0777 | Fax: 301-805-9417


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