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Spandex Sleeves


This Spandex moisture wicking sleeve is comfortable and bears the logo that tells others you are on the Autism Spectrum and special considerations may be necessary in their interactions with you, in order to minimize misunderstandings of words or actions. The added benefit to this sleeve is that it makes you look like a star.

Terrycloth Wristband


Quick recognition in a soft fabric can be less irritating to some and stylish. Absorbent of sweat, this can be worn even in the heat of Summer.The personal ID # is attached with cloth label and heat press.

Triangle Patch


This bright bag with alert logo and hotline phone number on one side and the tips to use in an emergency on the other, is perfect for the car, ambulance, police car or Firetruck to use in case of an emergency or meltdown situation with someone on the Autism Spectrum. We have them filled with fidgets and without. They can be used to notify of a persons ASD by wearing it on their back, or put on the front when transporting someone to the ER to help notify the ER staff of their ASD status. The fidgets can be anything that helps distract or occupy someone who is anxious. Keeping them in the family car can help when their is a need at anytime.

USB Slapband Bracelet


This silicone slapband bracelet is perfect for fitting any wrist size. It has the alert logo on the band and the cover of the USB portion to help quickly identify the need for special considerations and diagnosis of Autism. Emergency and helpful information can be put on the USB for quick access in the event of being lost, in an accident, injury, or encounter with law enforcement.