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AFYI (Hotline Support Team)
In the event of an Emergency, Members of the AFYI Support Hotline Team are here 24 hours a day to provide pertinent information to all registrants of IRIS, First Responders/EMS and Firemen. Staff is available from 9:00 am to 5:00pm EST to answer email responses and non-emergency calls at 301-367-1042. For all other inquiries, suggestions, or concerns, please contact us:

Autism FYI Organization
7507 Old Chapel Drive, Bowie, Maryland 20715 | IRIS Hotline #: 1 – 855-487-0777 | Office: 301-367-1042 | Fax: 301-805-9417
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Autism FYI Organization | 7507 Old Chapel Drive Bowie, Maryland 20715

IRIS Hotline #: 1 – 855-487-0777 | Fax: 301-805-9417




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