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We address the growing needs of adults on the Autism Spectrum


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Here you will find resources and links to information pertaining not only to Autism but how our police, fire and  first responders relate to the issues facing them…

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Here you will find links to donate to our organization. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and go to a deserving cause…

Our Supporters

We hope you take a look and at our supporters and help us  return the appreciation by supporting them…


Here you will have access to many of our downloadable documents, flyers, forms and agreements…

Photo Galleries

Here we will display some of our most popular and favorite images & photos, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do…

Workforce Development Program

We train adults on the Autism Spectrum in computer technology, engraving, shipping & handling and much more!

Spectrum Heights (Puzzle Piece Village)

This is a neighborhood and community for Independent Adults with Autism and their Aging Parents and more…

Autism Spectrum Safety Day

If you would like to hold an Autism Spectrum Safety Day please feel free to download the following to help…


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